About Me

My name is Anna and I am a fith grade student at the International School of the Gothenburg Region here in Sweden. Right now I am on a mission to fight gender unequality together with two other students. My action to make a change in my local community is to upload podcasts of me reading gender equal/ neutral books and then creating a display with these same books in the ISGR's library in Gothenburg. I will also have a QR- code with my website on it, so that anyone can both listen to the books and check them out from a library. Do you want to know more about my mission and about my action? Visit my other website focused completely on my mission:


How to Use My Website

I have three pages. On my home page you can find some information about me and how to use my website, on my "Podcasts" page I have uploaded all my podcasts. The "Other" page has two subapages: "Gender Equal Book Lists" (where you can find good gender equal books in both swedish and english) and the "Expand Your Knowledge" page where you can find more facts about gender equality if you have been inspired by the podcasts.

The Display

Here is the display in the ISGR library. As you can see, one book has already been taken.