Company of 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Moon Valley's Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Program. Here, cadet's are taught self-discipline, responsibility, team-work and many other beneficial characteristics needed to become a great leader. Following our motto; Honor, Courage, and Commitment, cadet's strive to rank up and uphold different jobs inside of the unit to not only benefit themselves, but also the community and the entire unit as a whole. While our program asks for a large sum of participation within the unit, we are well aware that our cadet's studies are extremely important as well. Our unit isn't just another class, we are family, so if there are cadet's who are having a tough time with their studies, we have an Educational Officer ready to help them, though, there are many other cadet's more than willing to assist the cadet as well. Our program runs on our cadet's capabilities, and every cadet is more than capable to become a successful leader which will give them nothing less than an advantage throughout their lives.

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