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Welcome to The Lunchbox

We created this website as part of our Exhibition to promote healthy eating at CWBS.

Matthew, Jason, Maria, Madeleine

Healthy Lunch Gallery

We went around the year 6 classrooms and we have taken some photos of children's healthy lunches. These are some of the lunches we found.

At CWBS we have noticed that many children bring packed lunches to school, many of which contain these items.

A healthy lunch should:

  • Help to improve a child's attention, behaviour and learning throughout the afternoon.
  • Provide 1/3 of a child's nutritional requirements.
  • Provide protein to keep alert, carbohydrates for slow release energy, calcium for good bone growth, fat for power and fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

In 2002 Mintel did a packed lunch report, these results show the most popular packed lunches.

1) Sandwiches 94% 6) Chocolate biscuits 35%

2) Crisps 84% 7) Cheese 31%

3) Fruit juice 72% 8) Chocolate bars 29%

4) Fresh fruit 68% 9) Cake 26%

5) yogurt 56% 10) Cereal 25%

If you can't find enough time because of the morning rush to put together a good lunch you could :

  • Prepare and make the food in advance, then freeze the freezable items and get them out in the morning.
  • You could make a sandwich in advance and freeze it to keep cool for the school day, you can then put the sandwich in a lunch box still frozen as it will defrost by lunchtime.
  • Also as an example for the bean burrito you could prepare the filling in advance then wrap it up in bread in the morning.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be a chore, if your child refuse to eat food considered "healthy" you could:

  • cut sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters.
  • or take your child shopping with you and plan together.