Moongate for Parents


Please note as off July 1, 2020 Moongate for Parents has been locked and all editing rights have been revoked. CIS is in the process of launching a new product and relevant information will be communicated to the community in early August 2020. During this time if you need to upate your contact or demographic information, please send an email to stating your child's name an year level.


Moongate is Chinese International School's online portal. It is used by students, staff and parents for many of our administrative needs.

For parents, Moongate has varied purposes. Some useful features for parents (with self-help links) include:

Take some time to explore Moongate. If you are unable to login, please click here. If you have other questions, please contact


Moongate 是漢基國際學校的網上平台。學生、教職員和家長均可利用Moongate去處理許多與學校相關的行政事宜。

Moongate 對於家長的用途眾多,以下部分有用的功能(附上數條視頻連結,家長可按照視頻中的指示自行學習):

- 建立及更新您的家庭資料

- 輸入並更新孩子的旅遊和醫療資料(六至十三年級)

- 為您的孩子報讀課外活動


-報名參加家長學生教師會議 (幼稚園至六年級)




- 報名參加各類學校活動

- 提交及更新各類同意書


現在就開始探索Moongate。 假如您未能登入,請按此處。如有任何查詢,請聯絡