About Me

I am graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art as an Game Developer.

One of my favorite things is to solve a puzzle, using new and innovative ways. My approach to good design is to make sure the user has a good experience.

Having worked as both an artist and a project team lead I have learned the importance of communication and teamwork. I am highly proficient as an artist though I know my way around coding.

Some of my main skills include Game Design, UI/UX Design, and 3D Enviorment Art.


I love solving puzzles and playing strategy games. I also have successfully built over 15 computers for friends, family, colleagues.


Team Projects

Video Game




Schools Out


Lead Game Designer

Dont Foget 2 Save

Video Game




Gnome Bocce


Lead Game Designer

Steel Doghnuts

Video Game




Little Stitches


Technical Artist

Soft Potato Squad


East Cost Ambassador at Level 99 Games

SanFrancisco, United States of America

Feb 2018 - Present

I sell Level99 Product at conventions including, Matsuricon/Marcon/Collosalcon/Yomacon/Pax-East

3D Envoirment Artist at Tarkett

Cleveland, United States of America

Feb 2018 - Dec 2018

Designed and created hyper realistic scenes for clients to see different flooring options.

Programming Instructor at WeCanCodeIt

Cleveland, United States of America

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

I taught various students from ages 8+ how to program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, C#

Intern Mobile App Developer at Hyland Software

Westlake, United States of America

May 2014 - August 2014

Lead Designer of a mobile app for a local Art Recreational Center, the Beck Center. The Goal was to design a scavenger hunt app that allowed parents and youth alike to learn more about the campus.

Intern UI/UX Developer at Hy-Ko Products

Northfield, United States of America

May 2017 - September 2017

I worked on redesigning the KID+ machine's user interface and improved the user experience. I also updated the website and KID+ Launchpad interface. I spend some extra time redesigning the KID+ Logo as well creating a symmetrical look that reflects the precision of the machine.