What is PEEP Anyway?

Boyertown School District’s Primary & Elementary Enrichment Program (P.E.E.P.) is an enrichment program for students who have been identified as needing curriculum work beyond the regular classroom.  

This program uses project-based learning to enrich students in a wide variety of curriculum areas including the arts, mathematics, technology, science, communications, and social studies. 

Who are considered to be gifted children?

    In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, mentally gifted students include those with a superior intelligence and who also meet additional criteria set forth in PA Department of Education Chapter 16 Guidelines.

Who decides if a BASD child is gifted?

    Either parents or school personnel can refer any school-aged child residing within the Boyertown area for screening. Parents should send a written request to the school counselor.

How does the process work?

    An initial screening is completed by a BASD guidance counselor and includes a review of a student’s current PSSA scores, report cards, administration of the KTEA-II, and the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT), along with input from parents and teachers.

If a child passes this initial screening, they are referred for a Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation (GMDE). This screening includes an intellectual scale administered by the school psychologist.