Culture Club

Allen High School Culture Club 2020-2022

About Us

Culture Club (Geography Club) was founded by AHS students who wished to give minority cultures and communities that lacked representation through student unions or other bodies the opportunity to present themselves authentically to a wider audience.

Why should you join?


Our mission is to spread cultural awareness in a fun, learning environment. The more students are aware of their peers' cultural and heritage, the less misunderstanding we are able to have at our school and world.


We offer everyone an opportunity to share their cultural with everyone. Without volunteers, our club cannot maintain our diversity and our mission to spread awareness with everyone at Allen HS.


Colleges and Universities will be looking into what you do for extracurricular activities. If they see how much involvement you put into clubs, such as Culture Club, then you have a higher chance at being accepted at your desired colleges or universities.


Culture Club has been ongoing since the Fall of 2020. Due to the covid-19 virus, meetings have been on Zoom throughout 2020-2021. For the 2021-2022 year, meetings will be held in person in Mrs. Ragle's room as of now.

What to expect?

Each meeting will have food present that will be based on the culture that is being presented. Each meeting will have 1-2 presentations about different and diverse Cultures from around the world.