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Who Are We?

Created in 1998, The Blazer newsmagazine is a student run publication that has changed dramatically in the decades since. Originally a paper issue distributed to students in their advisory class, The Blazer has evolved to be a professionally printed magazine with a strong digital presence, advised by Alliniece Andino. In the program, student journalists learn newswriting and reporting skills, as well as photography, digital editing, and production in their effort to cover the Timberline Community. 

Caitlin Grygorcewicz


Cate Abbey

News/Opinion Editor

Kristine Baldoza

Digital Editor

Julie Arana 

Feature Editor

Aidan Lu

Sports Editor

Staff Writers

Bella Andino

Etan Hamlyn

Demetric Villodres

Issy Justis

Isaac Perez

Emilia Biasi