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What does it mean to be a ROSBOT?

The ROSBOTS are a FIRST robotics competition (FRC) team from San Antonio, Texas. Started in 2015 with 2 coaches, 1 mentor, and only 5 members, we were awarded the Rookie All Star Award, and got the incredible chance to compete at the World Championships in St. Louis! The ROSBOTS now consists of 34 members, 6 mentors, and 2 coaches, whom have led us to the World Championships since the 2015 season. The ROSBOTS are guided by our mission to expand the minds of high school students, and encourage them to partake in STEM careers.

FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be STEM innovators by challenging them to raise funds, design a "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build industrial-size robots to play against competitors. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team towards the season end at the FIRST Championship. FIRST offers programs for grades K-12, making sure that all ages can participate in robotics. Additionally, FIRST advocates and embodies the beliefs of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition. FIRST's program targeted towards high school students is FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), which is the program The ROSBOTS participate in.


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Joining the Team: Become a ROSBOT

Students interested in joining FRC Team #5572 must attend or will attend LEE High School (including NESA or STEM magnet programs) or the International School of the Americas located at LEE High School. Prospective members must be in or entering high school. Additional requirements include the completion of an application and may also include an interview process as specified by the coaches of The ROSBOTS. If you are interested in joining the team or have any other questions regarding the process, please contact us.


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Our History

Rookie Year:

FIRST Recycle Rush

The 2015 FRC season will always be a year to remember for the ROSBOTS. Nothing but 2 coaches, 1 mentor, 5 members, and 100's of hours dedication awarded us with the Rookie Allstar Award at Alamo City Regionals. This sent us on our way to the Worlds Championships at St. Louis, where we competed with the best FRC robotics teams and robots. Our robot still remains towards the back of our parts and snacks closet, where he still stands tall, 7 feet tall, as the biggest memory of our first year.

2nd Year:

​FIRST Stronghold

The 2016 FRC season was led by the same 2 coaches and one mentor, our team However grew twice in size. With 4 of the original team, the ROSBOTS now consisted of 12 team members. We competed at 2 competitions, Hub City, and Alamo City Regionals, where we were ranked as the 4th alliance, and played to the finals where we earned a wildcard, a ticket, to Houston for the World Championships, where we were picked to be part of the 8th alliance. We would not have been able to do it all without our incredible sponsors. They are the only reason we were able to make it to Houston and perform as well as we did all season long.

3rd Year:


2017 was our biggest year yet. We had the same 2 coaches and 1 mentor, and once again our team doubled in size to 26 members. This was also the first year we were alliance captains. At Hub City we ranked 5th out of the 46 robots, and at Alamo City Regionals we ranked 5th once again, but we were chosen to be a part of the 3rd alliance, we played to the finals, where we earned another wildcard to the World Championships in Houston. Where we then were picked once again for the 8th alliance. We were also awarded with the Gracious Professionalism Award At Alamo City. The ROSBOTS are always honored to help out such incredible teams from all over Texas, and represent the city of San Antonio so well.

4th Year:

​FIRST Power Up

The 2018 season was our most successful season yet! We made many great improvements. This year we had the same 2 coaches and 1 mentor, and we had 9 new members expanding us to our largest size of 34 members. At the Hub City Regionals we ranked 2nd out of the 44 robots, and at the Alamo City Regionals we ranked 4th where we were also awarded with the Engineering Excellence Award! Our drivers played to the finals, where we earned a wildcard to the World Championships in Houston. At Worlds we ranked 6th in the Hopper Division, were 5th alliance captains, and played off until divisional semi-finals. A huge thank you to our sponsors and robo-parents who supported us this season, it wouldn't have been possible without y’all!

5th Year:

​FIRST Deep Space

The 2019 season was another year to remember! With our largest team yet, we had 38 members, 4 mentors, and the same 2 coaches. We competed at two district event, one in our hometown, San Antonio, and one in Del Rio. At San Antonio, we ranked 1st and only lost 3 games. We also won the Industrial Design award! In Del Rio, we caught up with our friends in Team 4063, and ranked 10th, qualifying us for the district championship. While we went away as rank 36th, we managed to qualify for the 5th time in our 5 years as a team for Worlds! In the Carver Division, we ranked 24, and had a blast. The ROSBOTS had another great season and couldn't have done so without the support of sponsors, donors, parents, and mentors/coaches.

6th Year:

​FIRST Infinite Recharge

Although are 2020 season was not as infinitely exciting as we had hoped, The ROSBOTS were grateful to have competed at Dripping Springs before the season was cut short. Through the dedication of our team members and coaches, we were able to make it to the 14th rank and eventually the semifinals of the competition. The 2020 season also marked the end of our journey with two long-term members of Team 5572, Ronnie Pundt, our coach, and Rudy, one of our mentors. Their dedication inspired as to do our best despite the circumstances, and continue to inspire us as we move forward as a team. Of course, we're also thankful to the support of everyone during the shorted season.

7th Year:

​FIRST Infinite Recharge

The 2021 FRC season was definitely one of our most difficult seasons to work through. With limited hours due to the world crisis, fitting in time to complete tasks necessary to successfully compete in the competition was tough for all. Having all hands on deck this season was more important than ever. Our 24 members, 6 mentors, and 2 coaches were working their hardest, but it was all worth it in the end. This season, we competed in the Texas Cup with alliance 4, 1477, the Texas Torque, and 7506, the WILDCARDS. We were very grateful to have these alliance partners in this season. We made it to the quarter-finals. Separate from the competition, we achieved the Creativity Award sponsored by Rockwell animation for the game design aluminum group. Despite all the challenges, we persevered and made this one of our best seasons yet. We are so proud!

8th Year:

​FIRST Rapid React

The 2022 season was another great and memorable year! We had 30 members, 3 mentors, and 1 coaches. We competed at two district event, one in Dripping Springs, and one in Austin. In the Dripping Springs event, we ranked 3rd. We were an alliance captain and became District Event Finalist! In that event we also won the Autonomous Award. In Austin, we were ranked 13th and won the Creativity Award. While we didn't go to Worlds, we ranked 25th in our district, which is the highest we have ever ranked in FIRST in Texas. The ROSBOTS had another amazing season and couldn't have done so without the support of parents, sponsors, donors, coaches, and fabulous mentors.

9th Year:

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