Chromebook Help

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Grace, Jazmin, Walker, and Quinton

Chromebook Issues

Chromebook loses power?

First plug in your Chromebook. Then, Push in power for around 7 seconds. Then unplug your Chromebook.

Keyboard Issues:

If keys are jammed or don't work, do not attempt to pry the key out yourself. Go to the Help Desk/BOO so they can fix it.

Slow Internet:

Make sure that your WiFi is on 1 to 1

Turn WiFi on and off to re-establish a connection with the closest Access Point.

Are you running an excess of extensions? Remove some of them; see Chromebook tip "Get rid of useless extensions."

Turn the laptop off for 10 seconds.

Cursor frozen in place:

Power off your Chromebook.

Turn back on.


Power off Chromebook.

Turn Chromebook back on.

Close all your apps and browser and windows.

Chromebook Tips

Don't let your Chromebook battery die:

Make sure that you have a charger that works.

Plug in your Chromebook, and let it charge.

Ensure that the light on your charger's brick is lit.

Make sure that your Chromebook is charged in the morning before school.

Don't leave your Chromebook on the charger for too long:

Make sure your Chromebook gets to 100%.

Take Chromebook off the charger.

Slow Computer?. . . Get rid of useless extensions:

Click on the Chromebook menu (three dots in the top right).

Click on More tools.

Select Extensions.

Click on the remove button, you may get a notification from extensions.

This is useful because your Chromebook will not be as slow. Each Extension runs a process on your laptop that eventually add up causing the machine to run slow.

Common Fix:

As a general rule of thumb, restart your laptop before seeking further assistance.