June Newsletter : Transformation

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy

Pre-K for All

June 18-22, 2

Hello Pre-K Parents!

This week children will reflect on their own growth and how they will continue to change and develop a strong self- concept. Children may have different feelings about preparing to leave the pre-k classroom and entering kindergarten. They will listen to stories about Transitioning to Kindergarten, visit a Kindergarten class, and listen to some Kindergarteners talking about their experiences in Kindergarten.


PK.SED.1 Recognizes himself/herself as a unique individual having his/her own abilities, characteristics, feelings and interests.

Home/School Connection:

As a reminder to parents, make sure the children are given a sunscreen lotion before they come to school due to warm weather during outdoor play and wear sneakers.


June 18Pre-K Moving Up Ceremony- Children will be dismissed to Parent after the ceremony.

June 21,22,25,26,27,28 early dismissal – 11:45am.

June 28 – Last day of school

Thank you dear Parents for all your support and cooperation this year. It has truly been a pleasure to teach your children! You have all been wonderful to work with. Have a happy, safe and healthy summer!

Mrs. Josephine Molina, Mrs. Werneck