April Newsletter : Plants

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy

Pre-K for All

April 23, 2018

Hello Pre-K Parents!

Our unit for the month of April is plants. The children will learn what plants need to grow, where we find them, identify different kinds of plants, and discuss why plants are important. The children will also learn about how different kinds of plants are a part of our daily lives.

This week we will talk about what are some different kinds of plants and why plants are important. Children will compare and contrast different plant life using a chart with labels of different types of plants. They will place pictures on the chart under its corresponding label. Children will make their own Terrarium. Children will write and draw pictures to show how plants help people.


PK.CLL.5 (Speaking & Listening) Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail.

PK.CKW.5 (Science) Observes and describes characteristics of living things.

PK.CKW.1(Arts) Expresses oneself and represents what he/she knows, believes, thinks and feels through visual arts.

Home/School Connection:

· Look for something in the house that comes from plants, talk about how it helps people with your child and bring it to school to share in class.

· Please bring to school an empty 2liter plastic bottle. We will be using this to make a terrarium in school.

· Parents will help their child draw pictures of things we get from plants and write the words to the best of their ability on the lines for their Homework week 3.


· April 27 – Schools Closed (Teacher PD)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Josephine Molina, Mrs. Werneck