Ms. Vida Pre-K 3

Unit 6 Light


February 13, 2019

Hello Pre-K 3 Parents,

For the rest of the month of February our Unit will be “Light.” In this unit, we will have the opportunity to deepen the children’s understanding of natural and manufactured light. They will explore light, darkness, and shadows. They will be provided with opportunities to make predictions and think about their world in abstract ways.


PK.CKW.4 (Science): Observes and describes characteristics of earth and space.

PK.CKW.6 (Science): Acquires knowledge about the physical properties of the world.

PK.CKW.5 (Math): Compare numbers – identify whether the number of objects in one group is more, less, greater than, fewer, and/or equal to the number of objects in another group.

We finished our unit of study on transportation. Last week the students created boats in art using recyclable materials and tested them out in the water to see if they would float. The students were excited to find out that when they placed their boats in water, they did float. They also tested whether their boats could stay afloat when loaded with cargo. The children listened to the story Boats by Anne Rockwell and discussed how boats are similar and different. They learned that some boats move with the wind, while others have engines, and people move some. In science, the students made predictions about different items around the classroom identifying whether they thought the magnet would attract the item or not. They also made predictions on the question: Do you think a magnet will still attract an item when a barrier such as cardboard, water, or plastic is placed between the magnet and the item? The students tested the different items they found the magnet attracted by separating them from the magnet with different barriers. They discovered that magnets could still work if the barrier is not wide between the item and that of the magnet. This week in our new unit of study, the children will be exploring what kinds of lights can be found around us.

Home/School Connection:

§ Count how many lights you turn on in the morning, as you get ready for the day, and how many lights you turn on when you return from school/work. Compare then discuss why they are the same/different.

§ Use a flashlight, lamp, or sunny window to create finger shadow puppets.

§ Note how dark or light it is at pick-up and/or drop off and compare throughout the rest of the school year.

§ Draw a picture of something that you like to do in the nighttime and write the words of that action.


· Mid-winter break: NO School during the week of February 18, 2019.

Have a great week!

Miss. Vida, Mrs. Greiner, and Mrs. Johnson