Pre-K 2

Pre-K 2 Newsletter April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019

Hello Pre-K 2 Parents,

Our unit for the month of April is Plants. In this unit, the children will learn how plants grow and why they are important. They will discover what plants need to grow and where plants are found. The children will also explore the many different kinds of plants and how plants are a part of their daily lives. They will learn about and identify the different parts of a plant and the functions of each part. The children will explore the different kinds of plants that they eat, including fruit, vegetables, herbs, and seeds. Activities and observations of plants throughout the unit will allow the children to learn about the vital role plants play in their lives and the health of our planet.


PK.CKW.5 (Science): Observe and describes characteristics of living things.

PK.CLL.6 (Communication): Demonstrates a growing expressive vocabulary.

PK.CKW.7 (Social Studies): Develops a basic understanding of economic concepts within a community.

PK.CKW.1 (Mathematics: Measurement and Data): Identify measurable attributes of objects such as length and weight. Describe them using correct vocabulary (e.g., small, big, short, tall, empty, full and light).

Last week we read The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. It’s a story where a little boy finds some isolated plants growing on abandoned railway tracks. He takes it upon himself to become the gardener and help the garden flourish! The children saw the garden spread throughout the city transforming the city from a dreary place to one filled with nature and beauty. Also, this week we learned all about what plants need to grow (sunlight, water, and air) and where we can find plants in our communities (parks, lawns, gardens). In our Dramatic Play area, the children played Flower Shop. One child was the florist taking the order, and the other child was the customer. Both children were working on their adding skills as they counted flowers and money. In the Art Center, the children created lovely flowers using paint and the bottoms of bottles. Next week we will continue to explore different kinds of plants, such as cactus, evergreen, succulent, and herbs!

Home/School Connection:

· Plant something at home with your child. Discuss what you need to do to take care of it. Draw a picture of what you planted and bring it to school to share.

· Together with your child, draw a picture of the plants you ate for dinner last night.

· On your way to school, take note of and discuss the plants that you see with your child.


  • We sent home the name tag that you child has been using to learn to write his/her name since September. Please continue to help your child practice writing their first and last name with initial capital and the rest of the letters lower case letters.
  • Please check the weather each morning before dressing your child for the day. We go outside for gross motor time from 8:10 to 9 am. Some morning are still cool, so dress your child appropriately.
  • Wednesday, April 17: 3 pm dismissal day
  • April 18-28 – School Closed – Easter Recess
  • Monday, April 29 Classes resume.

Have a great week,

Miss Trentacosti, Mrs. Paulino, & Mrs. Cuzco