Class Announcements

April 9th, 2020

Holy Thursday's Coloring Activity is on the Religion tab.

Also, I was able to find some links the children may enjoy, both fun and educational.

Animals-San Diego Zoo Kids

Science Games - PBS Kids

Kinder Activities - All subjects

Number Games

Educational Resource Free Sign Up

New Sight Words








Students must login to their MySymphonyMath.com account between 8am & 10am & complete at least 10 - 15 minutes. This is how I will be taking attendace while we are learning from home.

Also, a new tab has been added. Our art teacher, Mrs. Ryan, has added a tab so the children can continue being creative & keep up with the art curriculum. Please check it out !

Another new tab has been added. Our Physical Education teacher, Ms.Dennis , has added a tab to help the children stay fit and exercise from home. Feel free to join your child in doing the morning exercises !

Workbook Schedule

Math: 1 lesson a day in the text book (begin chapter 11) Check out Math Tab

ELA:(Crab Book Unit 7 Week 2) 1 page a day[front and back] Send me an email if you need the PDF version of the book

ELA (Butterfly Book): Unit 7 week 2

Religion: Complete one lesson a day (start with lesson on page 67-74 and countinue from there) & Saint of the day

Journals:One per day

(If there are any questions, feel free to email me. I will be checking and replying to email betwen 8:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. I really appreciate everything you are doing through this time of uncertainty. )

Stay safe & healthy !