Ms. Haimeck

Pre-K 4


Unit 7 - Water

March 2019

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy – Pre-K 4

Pre-K For All

Hello Pre-K 4 Parents,

For the month of March our unit of focus is Water. The children will discuss where we can find water, how we use water in our everyday lives, and why water is so crucial to our lives. They will: explore the water center during center time; compare rain and snow (why does it snow instead of rain?); experiment with objects to see if they will sink or float in water, and more!

Standards: PK.CKW.4: Observes and describes characteristics of earth and space; PK.CKW.6: Acquires knowledge about the physical properties of the world; PK.SED.2: Regulates his/her responses to needs, feelings and events; PK.PDH.8: Demonstrates awareness and understanding of healthy habits.

Home/School Connection

Have your child draw a picture of where water can be found.

Ask your child to tell you about the different ways that we rely on and use water.


March 19 (Tuesday) - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Building Blocks

This week’s newsletter and activity will be sent home on Friday in the folders.