Ms. Haimeck

Pre-K 4


Unit 7 Plants

April 9, 2018

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy – Pre-K 4

Pre-K For All

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy

Pre-K for All

April 9, 2018

Dear Pre-K Families,

This month our unit of study is all about plants. The children will learn how plants grow and why they are important. They will learn that plants are living things and each part of a plant has an important function. The children will discover that we eat plants too. Finally, since we are in the spring season we will be able to go on a nature walk around the school block to observe the flowers sprouting and leaves growing on the trees again.



· PK.CKW.SCIENCE.1: Asks questions and makes predictions based on observations and manipulation of things and events in the environment.

· PK.CKW.SCIENCE.5: Observes and describes characteristics of living things.

Home/School Connection:

· Draw a picture of a flower or plant and write a short description about it.

· On your way to or from school, help your child count how many trees they see. Talk about the different kinds of trees that grow.


· April 10 – Dress down day to support Bingo Bonanza Academy Fundraiser. (minimum $2 to participate)

· April 13 – Home/School Connection Activity due