Mrs. Wolejsza Pre-K 2

Unit 9: Babies

St. Sebastian Catholic Academy

Pre-K for All

May 21, 2018

Dear Pre-K Families,

Last week the children learned a lot about animal babies. They learned their names and that some of them even have the same name. For example, a joey is the name for both a baby kangaroo and a baby koala; a calf is the name for both a baby cow and a baby giraffe; a cub is the name for both a baby bear and a baby cheetah. The children learned why babies need to eat baby food. They also tasted 4 different flavors of baby food: apple, banana, carrot, and sweet potato. They chose their favorite one and then we created a picture graph of the results. Not surprising that most of the children chose one of the fruits as their favorite and not the vegetable flavors!

This week the children will continue learning about animal babies. We will say goodbye to our butterflies as we release them outside. The children will learn about the life cycle of frogs and chicks too. Finally, we will discuss why zoo animal babies would not make good pets.


· PK.CKW.SCIENCE.1: Asks questions and makes predictions based on observations and manipulation of things and events in the environment.

· PK.CKW.SCIENCE.5: Observes and describes characteristics of living things.

· PK.CKW.SOCIALSTUDIES.4: Develops an understanding of how people and things change over time and how to relate past events to their present and future activities.

Home/School Connection:

· Together with your child look at pictures of when he/she was a baby. Compare the pictures to how he/she looks now. Discuss the many changes and milestones from then to now, such as first tooth, first step, first word, etc.

· Show and Tell: Your child can bring in and share something that they still have and cherish from when they were a baby.


· May 25 – Home/School Connection Activity due

· May 28 – Memorial Day - School Closed

Yours truly,

Mrs. Wolejsza, Mrs. Paolino, and Ms. Cuzco