Mrs. J. Paguaga &

Ms. M. Rodriguez

Grade 1-2


Welcome Back to School at SSCA!

We're thrilled to have school back in session again Please check back for updates coming soon. Thank you!

October 19, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. The week went great, and we have started using new programs, like I-ready. We are learning how to be respectful and loving of each other and of our classroom.

This week, we continue with all our special content classes, so please send in your child on Tuesday with an extra bottle of water and their gym uniform. Please make sure you have joined the Google Classroom for Phys. Ed.

We will continue to work on the consonants. We will have a review on the the vowels short A, E, and I, in English Language Arts. We will also be reading various stories that emphasize these letter sounds, but we also learn to identify them in our day to day words. We are focusing on Main Ideas and key details in stories. We are also learning the importance of the way an author writes and the pictures the illustrators draws for each story. In Math we will continue to work with manipulatives to make sums of 7,8,9, and 10. We are learning number bonds for the sums 4-10. We will also learn different strategies to solve word problems with addition. We are working on how we can be community helpers, and who are the people that help in our individual Communities, and so much more.

Also, just to remind everyone, our Google class webpage has lots of information about our week, our learning targets for the week, upcoming events, notices, and homework. Kindly check it regularly. There is too much information for the children to write each day in their planners so, this is the perfect place to find it all. You can simply go to our school website ...St. Sebastian Catholic Academy. Click on Faculty/Staff, and then click on Class 1 - 2. You will find it all there. Many thanks for your support.

Thank you!


Ms. Rodriguez