Mrs. Gibbs Pre-K 1


Our unit for the month of June is Transformation. The children will explore how things change over time. Children will observe objects and phenomena in their environment with increasing complexity. Our discussions will include metamorphosis and review the life cycle of a butterfly as we observed in our classroom. We will talk about changes in the seasons, the weather and changes in our neighborhood. They will explore how they are agents of change, and how their feelings change and how their actions and words can impact others’ feelings. Children will reflect on their own growth and consider how they will continue to change.

Home/School Connection

Together with your child, record the weather daily (the type of weather it is and the temperature). At the end of one week discuss how the weather changed. If you do another week, you can compare how the weather is different/similar to the week before.

On your way to or from school, look at the trees and discuss with your child what has changed since the winter.


June 18 – Pre-K 1 Moving Up Ceremony –Children are to come to school at 9:45am, Children will be dismissed after ceremony.

June 20 – last day for extended day

June 21, 22, 25-28 – early dismissal – 11:45 am

Please note – if your child will be leaving school before June 18th , please let me know as soon as possible.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Johnson