Mrs. Gibbs Pre-K 1


May 7, 2018

Our unit for the month of May is Babies. We will explore what babies are and how babies grow and change. The children will discuss, write about and learn what babies need. Children will share what they know about babies in their family. They will compare and contrast different animal babies – what they are called, what they eat, where they live, and their typical family structure.

This week we will continue to talk about human babies and what they need. We will compare the needs of human babies to the needs of animal babies. The children will wash dolls in the water table and care for them. We will talk about things we did as babies and compare it to the things we can do now. Thank you for sending in the baby pictures—please send in the baby picture if you have not done so. Standard C&T.4-exhibits curiosity, interest, & willingness in learning new things & having new experiences. We are very excited to say that our butterflies broke out of their chrysalis. We will release them on Monday – weather permitting.

Home/School Connection

Together with your child look at pictures of when he/she was a baby and compare the picture to how he/she looks now. Discuss the many changes from then to now.

Do research with your child on your child’s favorite animal-what is the animal called as a baby/adult, what does the animal eat, where does the animal live? Draw a picture of the animal as a baby and as an adult.


May 28 – school closed – Memorial Day

June 18 - Moving up Celebration - 10:15 am

Have a great week!

Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Johnson