Mrs. Ryan's Art Page


Grade 3-1

Homework : Due Wednesday, November 21

Veterans Day Poster Contest

You may hand it in earlier, if you wish.

Complete your Veterans Day Poster

You may use crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

Be neat, bold and colorful! Color in without leaving any white spaces. Do not leave your background white.

Good Luck Artists!

October 17

Grade 8 Homework

Romero Brito Inspired Religious Christmas Project

Due: Wednesday, October 24

Complete your drawing and outline with marker. Color will be added in class and for a future h.w. assignment.


Grade 5

Homework: Due 10/22

Complete your character. Draw arms and legs (if space permits).

Color completely. Your background should be interesting. Is your character playing soccer? Is he/she on the ski slopes? Remember to use the element of space and make objects and people behind your character SMAller than your character. All areas should be colored except white areas purposely left white. You may use colored pencils or markers. Color larger space areas with colored pencils. Markers will leave streaks. Have fun! Can't wait to see them!


September 27, 2018


Grade 8

Due: Monday, 10/1

Complete Romero Brito artworks.

Use markers and oil pastels.

Be vivid and neat!

September 19, 2018


Grade 8

Due: Monday. 9/24

Artist: Romero Britto

Choose an image that reflects a positive message for the entire school body.

Create this image in the center of your paper.

Bisect this image and the negative surrounding it with lines to create sections.

Add designs or patterns ( remember zentangles? ) to every space, or at least 50% of the spaces.

Outline with sharpies. These lines should be thick and bold.

Do not color!

We will trace them unto mural paper in class.

Grade 3 ART

Romero Brito

Homework : Due 10/11 You may hand it in earlier, if finished.

Use your markers to trace the lines and shapes in your design.

(For instance, you would color the flowers but not the space around it.

Trace all dividing lines with black marker.

Be neat. Have fun!