Mr. Giambalvo's Social Studies Class

September 9th, 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the first Parent-Teacher Meeting of the 2020/2021 school year. We are so glad you are able to attend. Here are some of the basic points we would like to share with you as the school year gets underway.


First, we would like to share some recent developments that we find exciting. As you may have already known, a STEM LAB has been installed on the third floor and will provide hands-on experiments and collaborative learning experiences that mark the 21st century Sciences classes. Ms. Legg and Ms. Collado are the new fifth and sixth grade ELA and Science teachers this year. The schedule has changed to an hour class period this year and will allow for extended class time for all teachers on this level to do in-depth instruction. This will continue to result in critical thinking and rigorous learning in all subject areas. We are very enthusiastic about these changes and hope that they will provide our students with opportunities and challenges throughout the course of this school year.


Parents who wish to keep up with their child’s assignments will have access to the teacher’s Google site’s on the Option C website. Option C will also be your resource for the school calendar and your child’s grades in each subject area.

New York State provides a website for parents to stay informed and help their child prepare for the 6th Grade state tests in Math and ELA that are administered in the spring. Go to for this year’s information and practice test questions.

Of course, your child will be using a planner each day to develop their organizational skills. As you know, sometimes websites can be a bit temperamental and not always work correctly, so please check your child’s planner on a daily basis and discuss goals with your child as they come up.

Any time you wish to contact one of us, a note will appear in Option C, providing a quick and effective method that can be addressed on the day that it is received.


Mr. Giambalvo instructs the 5th grade in geography, economy, history and culture of the United States, Canada and Latin America. Grade six studies will included geography, history and resources of ancient civilizations in the Eastern Hemisphere. Current events will be covered on both grade levels.

Mr. Giambalvo can be reached at his email address - He can also be reached via OptionC.

GRADING: TESTS – 70%, QUIZZES/PROJECTS – 15%, and HW – 15%


Mr Giambalvo 6-1

5th Grade Social Studies Textbook

6th Grade Social Studies Textbook

6th Grade Religion Book