Mrs. J. O'Brien

Welcome ELA Students

Hello Everyone!

It is now the middle of August, and I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation. I know I am. To prepare for our return to school in September, I've been doing the following:

  • trying new things
  • writing in my journal about my successes and failures
  • praying
  • going outside as much as I can
  • having interesting conversations
  • and, of course, reading a variety of books

I hope you share an interest in some or all of these activities. As your ELA teacher, I believe that they contribute to your language skills in ways you may not even realize. One thing I know all writers have in common is that they OBSERVE the world around them, and these are the ways I become more observant.

Now , it's time for me to give you some important advice. Here it is: If you haven't read your TWO summer books, get started. Today! You don't want to start the school year feeling left out of our interesting discussions about characters and themes and life and history. And, of course you want to have your two pieces of writing about the books ready to go. They are in the File Library in Option C if you haven't printed them out yet.

Enjoy a restful few weeks and have a Happy Labor Day.

Mrs. J. O'Brien