Mrs. J. O'Brien

Welcome ELA Students


School will be closed on Friday, Jan. 18th for a full day of professional development for faculty.

School will be closed on Monday Jan. 21st in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. He was born on January 15, 1929.

The Pennies for Patients Drive begins on 1/22. Let's donate to end childhood leukemia in our lifetime! Research is the key.

Catholoic Schools Week is on the horizon, I'll pass along news as I recieve it.

5-1 .

Read next 20 pages of One Came Home.

Looks like we'll finish reading this book over the long weekend..that means we'll have a Reading test on Thursday Jan. 24th. We will prepare in class discussions about what we read and we'll go over the types of questions that should be on it to prove what you can do!

6-1& 6-2

READ 20 pgs in your book tonight.

Assignment for the long weekend:

  • Read 70 pages in your book.
  • Complete 152, 154, 163.
  • Three Haikus must be handed in on Tuesday.

***At some point, you will want to visit the website I showed you. You can view the "released questions" from the 2018 Test.