TC16 Finite Fracture Mechanics



Zohar Yosibash

Head of Computational Mechanics and Experimental Biomechanics Labs, School of Mechanical Engineering,

Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Dominique Leguillon

Universite Pierre et Marie Curie,

Paris, France

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TC16 Aims and scopes

During the past decade a number of approaches have emerged to allow the prediction of failure initiation at crack and V-notch tips. These methods have in common an intrinsic finite length parameter and are aimed at generalizing the concept of fracture to domains with V-notch corners of any given opening angle and to more general stress concentrations. Three of these approaches are known as the coupled FFM approach, the averaged strain energy approach and the theory of critical distances. This TC is formed to enhance the investigation of these topics, to strengthen the collaboration between researchers working on the three different approaches and develop test protocols in the framework of FFM, to become ISO standards in due course.

TC16 Activities:

1. Design and coordinate a round robin validation process to identify the effectiveness of the different FFM approaches to predict failure initiation, the limitation of the different approaches and future research activities to enhance these methods for future applications.

2. Organization of annual meetings to discuss and enhance FFM methods and organize international conferences on the topic every three years.

3. Enhancement the use of FFMs in industrial applications

POSTPONED to Sep 4-5, 2020, Darmstadt, Germany

Announcement on new deadline for abstract submission will be available soon.