TC15 Structural Integrity of AdditiveLY Manufactured Components


Filippo Berto

NTNU (Norway)


Luca Susmel

University of Sheffield (UK)

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TC15 Scope

Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques offer the potential to economically fabricate customized parts with complex geometries in a rapid design-to-manufacture cycle. Before benefits can be explored in critical load bearing applications, the basic understanding of the mechanical and functional behavior of these materials must be substantially improved at all scales. In particular, a better understanding of fracture and fatigue performance is key. 

ESIS TC15 will shed light on the basic physical phenomena of fatigue and fracture of AM materials and develop effective criteria for the design of unprecedented high performing components for next generation automotive, aerospace and biomedical applications.

A series of events will be organized including a dedicate biannual conference (ESIAM) and special symposia in the main ESIS and ICF conferences.

Some joint events will be organized together with ASTM. 

TC18, TC15 and annual DIVK conference (09.11.2021)

In presence and online 9.11.2021

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, V floor

Kraljice Marije 16, Beograd 

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10.00–10.30   Introduction: Paolo Ferro (TC18), Filippo Berto (TC15), Aleksandar Sedmak (DIVK)

10.30–11.00   Øystein Grong: Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding (HYB) – mechanical integrity of some similar and dissimilar butt joints produced by HYB

11.00-11.30   Paolo Ferro: Residual stresses in welded joints and additively manufactured components – an overview

11.30-12.00   Filippo Berto: Structural Integrity of Weldments

12.00-12.30    Vencislav Grabulov: 120 years of Charpy testing with focus on welded joints

12.30-13.00   Aleksandar Sedmak: Weldment Fracture Mechanics – Homage to Prof. Stojan Sedmak

13.00-14.00   Lunch break

14.00-14.30   Aleksandar Grbović: Numerical simulation of fatigue crack growth in Al welded constructions

14.30-15.00   Mihajlo Arandjelovic: Influence of multiple defects on welded joints integrity

15.00-15.30   Aleksa Milovanović: Fracture mechanics testing of PLA polymer and PLA-X composite

15.30-16.00   Isaak Trajković: Fracture behaviour of ring shape specimens made of AMM

16.00-16.30   Marko Rakin, Bojan Međo: Micromechanical modelling of cracked welded joints made of HSLA steel

16.30-17.00   Simon Sedmak: xFEM simulation of fatigue crack growth in different regions of a welded joint


8-11 September 2021




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