TC02 Micromechanisms



Andrey Jivkov

Professor of Solid Mechanics and EPSRC Fellow

Head of Mechanics and Physics of Solids Research Group 

Andrey Shanyavskiy

Aviation Register for Russia Federation

Airport Sheremetievo 1 PO Box 54 Moscow Chimkinskiy state 141426 Russia

Tel: (495) 578-52-88 


 James Marrow 

University of Oxford, Department of Materials

Parks Road, United Kingdom 

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TC02 Scope

The ESIS Technical Committee 2 (TC2) on Micromechanisms is dedicated to the experimental discovery, theoretical formulation and computational modelling of the micromechanisms of damage initiation, damage evolution and failure of engineering materials. Materials of interest range from metals and their alloys, through brittle (ceramics) and quasi-brittle materials (e.g. concrete, ceramic composites and graphite), to biological structures (e.g. bone and tissue). Materials’ structures at different lengths scales and their changes are being studied using modern experimental methods, including 2D and 3D microscopy techniques. Theoretical and computational analyses of the micromechanisms are being developed at corresponding length scales, from atomic, through various meso-scales, to the engineering (continuum) scale. These involve diverse methods, such as molecular dynamics, dislocation dynamics, crystal plasticity, classical and second-order (e.g. strain-gradient plasticity and couple-stress approaches) continuum mechanics. Of particular interest are developments that bridge between length scales.