Mao of the Bronx Borough Office serving schools in District 7,8,9,10,11,& 12
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Strong Schools, Strong Communities

In 2015, Chancellor Carmen Farina launched Strong Schools, Strong Communities - a bold initiative to bring parity to the support NYC public schools receive as they strive to continually improve student life outcomes. Borough Support teams partner with Superintendents and central divisions to further the chancellor's vision as outlined in The Framework for Great Schools. Click here to read more about the Framework for Great Schools.

As part of the Strong Schools, Strong Communities approach, Chancellor FariƱa announced the creation of the Office of Field Support and the directors of the seven Field Support Centers, which provide principals with streamlined, increased support, resources, and oversight. Each of the Borough Offices, provides high-quality, differentiated support in instruction, operations, and student services such as safety, health, and wellness, as well as support for English Language Learners and students with special needs. Click here to read more about the research behind Strong Schools, Strong Communities.

Bronx Borough Office

The Bronx Borough Office serves 313 schools covering six geographic districts and provides a full range of education services to students in grade levels Pre-K to 12. For a map of our current schools, click here.

Vision Statement

Every Bronx school should be a great school that has strong leaders and highly effective teachers that prepare each and every student to be successful for 21st century college and careers. Our schools should meet the needs of the whole child, inspire hope and the confidence of families, add value to the communities they serve, and understand and address the needs of our society as a whole.

Mission Statement

The Bronx Borough Office is committed to working collaboratively with districts across the Bronx to plan and provide targeted and strategic supports to the borough, individual districts, and schools to build capacity toward achieving our vision of every school being a great school. As such, the Bronx Borough Office is focused on working alongside superintendents in leading schools to adjust our approaches to educating our children, integrate and capitalize on the use of new technology, resources, and research to guide our next steps, and challenge ourselves and those we touch to think beyond current embedded and comfortable practices in order to close our achievement gaps and maximize student engagement, learning, outcomes, and future success.

Executive Superintendent

Meisha Ross Porter

Bronx Superintendents

Bronx Community Superintendents

District 7 - Rafael Alvarez

District 8 - Erika Tobia

District 9 - Leticia Rodriguez-Rosario

District 10 - Maribel Torres-Hulla

District 11 - Cristine Vaughan

District 12 - Jacqueline Rosado

Bronx High School Superintendents

District 8, 10 and 11 - Carron Staple

District 7, 9, 12 - Michael Alcoff

Transfer High Schools - Paul Rotondo

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