We've got an active Ranked Choice Voting Campaign and need your help to collect signatures, make phone calls, and knock on doors, can you help?

With so many worthy causes drawing attention in our current political climate, why volunteer with Strengthening Democracy Colorado (SDC)?

  • We change laws by leveraging our political and legal strengthens from within the organization we're a one stop shop for drafting laws, legislation, and litigation and turning those policies into political movements.
  • We watch out for our communities since where we serve is where we live, we make sure that when lawmakers go to pass laws, they are in the best interest of their constituents and not their donors.
  • We've got a people centered movement with the ability to collect tens of thousands of signatures needed to pass ballot initiatives when our politicians won't do their job to pass meaningful reforms.
  • We're a young start-up driven by the next generation of activists and political leaders, who know the future is ours and the sooner we get involved the sooner we will have a more representative democracy.

Already involved in a cause you're passionate about? Reach out to us and let us know the organization and how you would like to work together. We are a part of a coalition of nonprofits working on electoral and democracy reform who is always interested in building the movement to strengthen our democracy.