Nonpartisan reforms

The United States of America was supposedly formed because they were just that, united. The path to realize that has been bumpy, understating it as much as we're comfortable with. Given our current state of affairs-partisan gridlock, widespread disillusionment with our democracy- citizens need to work together to realize the ideal of American democracy now as much as ever. We propel reforms that do just that.

Ranked Choice Voting

We've been approved for signature collection on a ranked choice ballot initiative in Aurora! We need to collect 10,000 signatures by September 6th can you help us by volunteering or donating?

We're partnering with Aurora Residents for Transparency and Transformation, Colorado People's Action, Represent.Us Denver, and Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado to give voters of Aurora more choice and more voice in their elections.

What would the initiative do?

  • Provide more choice for voters allowing voters a way to express preferences while voting for their first choice candidate
  • Broaden participation as candidates have to appeal to voters who might initially vote for someone else
  • Save money by avoiding the need for runoff elections as voters have already indicated their second preference

Read the language here.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

Is the newest platform we are working on which will have huge effects on how we vote for elected officials. There are some serious money in politics groups working on this reform and we have decided to combine efforts for maximum effects. Not familiar with ranked choice voting? We've got an explainer and a video from our friends at Represent.Us below. You can get even more information from our friends at RCV for Colorado, too.

The Problem:

Voters are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Over and over and over again.Third-party candidates never seem to have a real shot at winning elections.

Why? The spoiler effect.

What is the spoiler effect?

When a third-party candidate enters the race, they always run the risk of splitting the vote with the establishment candidate whose politics they most closely align with. If a progressive candidate enters the race, she draws votes away from the Democrat. If a conservative enters, she draws votes away from the Republican. When you're only allowed to choose 1 candidate on the ballot, the spoiler effect will always be a problem in our elections, and will effectively continue to lock out third-party candidates with fresh ideas.

The Solution:

Let voters rank their favorite candidates with Ranked Choice Voting.

  • When you vote, you rank your favorite candidates in order of preference.
  • If your first choice is mathematically eliminated, your vote still counts toward your second choice.

The Benefits:

  • No more choosing between the lesser of two evils or splitting the vote by voting for a third-party or independent candidate.
  • Voters get more choices at the ballot. Lots of potential candidates want to run for office but don’t want to split their party’s vote. Now they can campaign without fear of acting as a spoiler.
  • Winning candidates get support from the majority of voters. (In contrast, our current system of voting allows candidates in 3-way races to win with just 34% of the vote.)
  • Campaigns become more positive and civil. With ranked choice voting, candidates don’t want to speak poorly of their opponents, because they are trying to earn the second-choice votes of their opponents’ supporters.

Get involved with our Ranked Choice Voting efforts by donating today.