Your contributions at work

Thank you for your generous support to our mission of increasing electoral participation in our democracy. We know it's not an easy job, but someone has to do it and we are honored to be that someone. We depend on altruism of Coloradans to support our work in the state; if you have the means, please contribute a monthly gift today.

Why should you support us?

We know there are many nonprofits, political campaigns, and causes competing for the same resources, so why support SDC?

  1. We're a small but scrappy start-up. We're well into our second year as an organization and our combined 15+ years of political experience guide our decisions towards local victories.
  2. We're of, by, and for Coloradans. We work and live here, so we have a vested stake in the outcome of policies, unlike the big money interests who oppose us.
  3. We're powered by people. Created and run by the next generation in politics, our volunteer staff and supporters put in their spare time to further our mission.
  4. We're transparent. Although we are not required, we're working on making our funding sources public, so you know who are our special interests (Hint: it's the people) and where your money is going.