Who is Strengthening Democracy Co?

Our Mission

We're democracy on offense, working to create a democracy that works for its people. Making that happen requires ensuring that every eligible voter can vote, does vote, and that every vote counts equally. This requires a comprehensive and proactive approach that's missing from our public discourse. Ensuring voters are registered and have the opportunity to vote is the starting point. It's not the goal, however, and that's what makes us unique.

Our Policy

Our democracy is rife with factors that prevent, interfere with, and discourage us from voting. We work to eliminate as many of those factors as possible, and mitigate those that we can't. But, we also have a positive vision for reform that will actively facilitate and encourage voting. Without that active component, we'd be doing little more than scooping water out of a leaky boat.

Our Approach

Fixing our democracy can't wait for our politicians to fix it; we've been waiting for that and things have only gotten worse. We don't focus on lobbying politicians to pass reform or spend $20 million on a futile billboard campaign. We channel the energy of our volunteers towards initiative campaigns to directly implement reform through citizen legislation, towards legal actions that take on threats to our democracy, and for investigations that uncover corruption and improve transparency.

Our Past

We're a young start-up that is finding its place in the Colorado democracy reform and electoral reform movement. Founded in 2015 by the next generation of reformers, we hit the ground running as a legal watchdog for corruption and compliance with voting laws. Our reach expanded as we took on our first statewide ballot initiative campaign in 2017 and built a strong volunteer base on which we can rely. We are building upon our foundations and partnerships for 2018 as we get ready to launch our next round of campaigns. Want to be a part of democracy on offense?