Strengthening Democracy Colorado (SDC) is a think tank and direct action outfit founded in 2015. SDC's primary mission is to develop and to pursue ideas and direct action leading to a democracy in the state that work for everybody. That translates to work on electoral and voting rights reform and legal action, as well as, good governance work to combat the suppressive effect of money and corruption on electoral participation. We think we're unique in that we pursue this primarily by getting our hands dirty doing work directly within our communities, not by rubbing shoulders at the capitol.

Our volunteers have a voice in our political decisions and get their hands dirty working for reform. SDC is fueled by small dollar donors with 65% recurring donations. This makes us distinct from most good-governance nonprofits. Nonprofits are typically funded by foundations and wealthy donors, which leads to organizations adopting the perspective of the wealthiest Americans on their priorities and strategies. Accepting foundation and big donor money also means an organization can't do too much direct action work because their donors will lose their tax deduction.

We don't have those problems, but we still need resources to pursue our mission. We dream of the bandwidth we'd have if 3,000 Coloradans were able to pledge $3/month.

We are determined to fight for the voices and power of the marginalized. Thanks for checking us out, and if you're into what we're doing, please consider donating.

-Jason Legg, Director

We are currently focusing our efforts on these reforms:

  • Requiring public tax return disclosure from major candidates for office;
  • Automated voter registration through government offices that currently offer voter registration;
  • Joining the National Popular Vote Compact;
  • Switching to ranked choice voting to prevent third party spoilers while facilitating third party growth;
  • Moving municipal and school board elections to even years;
  • Creating a robust Election Day leave program.

Can you support our mission?