Strengthening Democracy Colorado

Our Work

A society that works for everyone requires a democracy that works for everyone. That's why Strengthening Democracy Colorado (SDC) works to increase electoral participation in our democracy. There are a host of factors that impede citizens from voting: burdensome voter registration requirements, complicated election ballots, money's role in politics, and more. SDC works directly to reduce and remove these obstacles.

And we do mean directly.

We're dissatisfied with waiting for our elected officials to fix our broken political system. That's what got us here. SDC pursues nonpartisan, direct change through actions like ballot initiatives and legal challenges to set our democracy right.

That's why we need you to join us. People, not money, are our key to success. Our government is dominated by money from our nation's wealthiest citizens intending to implement their will. Is it any wonder this hasn't resulted in a democracy built to work for us all?

When we harness enough citizen activists and channel our efforts, we can do this work together. We can put reforms on the ballot in Colorado by gathering signatures. We intend to run our first successful initiative campaign in time to make the 2018 ballot. All it takes is a little bit of work from a lot of people. Sign up to commit to helping us gather signatures to make reform a reality!


SDC is supported by small donors pledging $5 to $25 a month. This allows us to remain independent from the influence of foundations and corporations that all to often hem in the public debate with their views of what's acceptable and their own pet projects.

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Currently Happening

Wanna know what we're up to or what's going on in politics to protect our democracy? Click here to check out our blog where we keep you updated on all things Colorado democracy reform.

Stop feeling frustrated about our current political climate and join the movement to strengthen democracy in Colorado today!