Why Streetsboro?

  • 12-hour shift schedule/ shift bid every six months.

  • Paid Leave- Vacation up to 200hrs (Streetsboro may accept prior Ohio public service credit), 144 hrs holiday/24 hrs preferred, kelly time accrued as time off.

  • Paid military leave, up to 176 hours a year.

  • Transferring from another full-time department? New hires with prior experience are elligable to be moved to the appropriate pay step and vacation level (following succesful completion of probationary period) along with transferring any sick time balances from their previous department with proper documentation.

  • $1,000 for the initial uniform issue to new hires and a $1,200 yearly clothing allowance.

  • 3-hour minimum for court time.

  • Shift differential, OIC pay, FTO pay, annual $200 shooting bonus.

  • Opportunities for overtime, special details, and outside contracted details.

  • Longevity pay after 3 years.

  • Paid sick leave accumulated at 4.6 hrs every 80 (except overtime), Maternity leave/ Included FMLA.

  • In-house dispatch center

  • In-house fitness center/ gym

  • Facial hair and tattoos permitted at the chief's discretion.

  • Full-time IT officer ensures seamless integration of department technology (Printers in cruisers, real-time mapping of road units, body-worn cameras, live stream video from cruisers (Dash camera/ Back seat camera) to dispatch.

  • Mandated overtime is extremely uncommon.

Example 12hr Schedule (Day Shift)

Every other weekend off Friday, Saturday, Sunday

12 Hour Shift vs 8 Hour Shifts

12 Hours

  • Every other weekend off (3-day weekend)

  • Scheduled to work 182 days a year

  • Off 7 out of 14 days

  • Off 50% of the year

8 Hours

  • Weekends off usually based entirely on seniority

  • Scheduled to work 260 days a year (78 more work days)

  • Off 4 out of 14 days

  • Work 71% of the year

Streetsboro PD Patrolman with 5 years of full-time service: 120 hrs vacation + 144 hrs holiday + 104 hrs accrued kelly time=368 hrs. (30.5 days)

Not including earned comp time (earned at time and a half) officer will be eligible to be off work 213.5 days of the year (58% of the year).