Mrs. Moser Science

Dear Parents,

We are excited to continue to provide quality education even at a distance. The middle school team has a plan in place to keep students on track with their learning.

First, middle school emails will be activated so that students can communicate with teachers. This is a tool for them to be able to contact teachers with questions, concerns, or comments. The emails should be used solely for these purposes. We ask that you partner with us to help closely monitor these interactions.

Next, we ask that you have your student check each teacher’s Site regularly for classroom updates.

Additionally, after researching, we determined that Zoom is the best platform to host virtual communication. Zoom will allow students to be invited to meet with the teacher and class at a specified time. Links will be provided for the virtual office hours on each teacher’s site. Before each meeting, students will need to go to the site of the teacher they are meeting with to get the link to join. This will be a great way for students to stay in contact with their classroom teachers.

Thank you for your partnership as we explore this new adventure together. We look forward to continuing our work with your students.

The Middle School Team

You will need to download the Zoom application ONCE on your desired device.

By participating in remote, digital learning, you authorize and agree to the following:I recognize that these are extraordinary times. I hereby authorize St. Pius X to educate my student(s) using the Zoom based distance learning system. I understand that, while St. Pius X will take reasonable and necessary steps to safeguard privacy, there is always enhanced risk of a breach of privacy associated with cloud based technology and distance learning. I am aware of the risk associated with distance learning but I understand the importance of maintaining the continuity of my student(s) education. I authorize my student(s) to participate in distance learning. I release St. Pius X from any liability related to any breach of confidentiality or other harm that may occur resulting from the use of distance learning. I understand that in these extraordinary times, and given Governor Reynolds’ school closure mandate, this is a reasonable way to educate my student(s).