How will you make a difference this week?

Welcome to Mrs. Heerema's 3rd Grade

Important Dates:


  • Wednesday April 11, 2018- Tag Day $1
  • Thursday April 12-Friday April 13 - NO SCHOOL DUE TO MOVING.
  • Sunday April 15- School open for tours after the 8:30 and 10am Mass
  • Friday April 20- Sports Jersey Tag Day
  • Wednesday April 25- Tag Day

Directions for website access:

Beyond Level Math:

Directions to log in: go to

log in by typing your username and password. These were sent to parent emails. From your home page, click "My Account"

Click "Add Class/Group"

Follow the instructions and use this code to enroll in class "B4A38F5B43B35363D636"

Then you need to create a student name and username. Please do so using FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME for example, SARAH-JONES for both


Make sure you can access google classroom. Below are the codes.

Science 3A: j11csm

Science 3B: 40ga0a9

Writing 3A: a40gnd

On Level Reading: axv3c77

Beyond level Math: b63mejc

Dismissal Reminder

If your child will be changing their dismissal routine for the day it is important to send a note first thing in the morning to avoid confusion and tears. You may also call the office if your child has already left for school. DO NOT email me during the day with a change in routine. I am teaching, therefore cannot always read emails before the end of the day. I appreciate your assistance!