2019 Theme

The 2019 O'Shea Shield theme was chosen as "On This Rock". The logo was designed by St Peter's College student Kieran Baird.

The circle represents God, the pure perfection that he is. The figure is inside the circle, showing no matter how imperfect we are, we all have a place in Gods heart. The figure is in a position similar to how Jesus was crucified on the cross, acting as a constant reminder of the love he had for us all. The head represents the host, and the body the chalice, reminding us of the Eucharist. The Koru on the left side represents the growth of both the people and the church, and how as we continue to live and grow, so too does the church. The choice of a person is inspired by the words of Pope Francis where he said: “You dear young people are not the future, but the now of God.” Meaning that we are the rock on which the future of the church will be built.