St. Peter Preschool

Mrs. Tiffani and Mrs. Leticia

3's Classroom

Last week:

Review letters.

This week:

This Thursday May 30th we will be having a fun filled day with water and getting very wet and messy. Your child will need to wear a swim suite. Please bring a towel. Apply sunscreen on your child before school we will be spending most of the day outside. If your child naps, please bring a change of clothing so they can rest comfortably. No change of clothing is necessary for those that go home at 12.

If you'd like you can have your child bring in a disposable camera for memories. We will show the kids how to use the cameras so that its not a waste. We will also take pictures of the kids with their friends and teachers. Please bring them May 31st.

If you haven't ordered your child's pictures, you still have a chance. Go to enter promo code Memorial2019 to get 20% off your order of $20 or more. Expires May.

Please excuse our mess and clutter, we are now in the middle of remodeling our preschool department.

This week and the weeks to follow we will review letters. If you missed a letter and would like one to do for homework let the teachers know what letter you need.

Snack/Sharing: Please check the May Sharing calendar or the list below to see when your child has share day. On that day your child can bring 1 item to show the class. They also may bring snack for the whole class (24 Children). The children love sharing and this is a way to help the school cut down on food costs. This program is optional and if you choose not to send anything we will provide a snack.

Week 1: Done, thanks for the yummy snacks.

Week 2:Done, thanks for the yummy snacks.

Week 3: Done, thanks for the yummy snacks.

Week 4: Done, thanks for the yummy snacks.

Week 5: 27th No School, 28th, 29th Summer Birthday Party, 30, 31st snack is provided

Just a few reminders:

Help wanted: St Peter Preschool is looking to have a Auction Committee. The Auction Committee will be planning and organizing an event to raise money for a new playground. That is right a NEW PLAYGROUND FOR PRESCHOOL. The next meeting will be announced. They are trying to get a quote from the catering company and then have a meeting view emails. If you would like to be a part of the emails please let me know so we add you to the list. There will be other meetings. We can not make this happen without your help!

Please see Mrs. Shanna for more details or email her @

Mega Sports Camp (VBS): St. Peter Church is hosting a week long camp of fun. June 10th-14th 9am-12pm. Discount Registration in the month of April. See flyer or call the church office for details. (209)333-2223

Nap Time Bedding: We are running out of space for the rest time items. Please only send 1 fitted crib sheet, 1 small blanket, and a small pillow is optional. Please make sure it all fits in a small bag.

Please take all bedding home each week to wash.

Reminder for lunch: In their lunch please provide your child with a drink, utensils/plate if needed, and a napkin. The children are often times without these items and we have to supply them. We try to help if we have the item but it is best that the items be in the lunch already. When they move to other grades they will have to do without because the items will not be supplied so it it better to start now. Thank you.

Budding Geniuses: Mr. Al Will be here for the summer. Dates are not available yet.

Clothing: Please write your child's name in jackets. Check change of clothes to make sure there is a complete set of clothes. Also make sure there is pants not shorts from the beginning of the year.The children need to wear shorts or leggings under dresses please. We also ask that the children not wear overalls and rompers. We have noticed the children having a hard time getting these items off and on to use the restroom.

Wednesday Chapel: This is the only day of the week we open the doors early for the half/full day children. Please arrive by 8:20 am. If you arrive after 8:25 am the children will be in the chapel and you will need to sign in with the teacher in the chapel.

Chapel Offering: We were able to get the chicken. Yeah, we did it. Thank you for helping us reach our goal and sending outreach to those in need. This month the offering is going to the youth group going to camp.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact information is below.

Tiffani Vega

Important Dates:

May 27th- No school

May 29th- Year books will be given to those who ordered.

May 29th- Summer birthday's party.

May 30th- Water day.

May 31st- Special thanks to St Peter staff. They will be providing a hot dog snack to our students.

May 31st- Last day of school. Please take all your child's belongings home. Thanks

Weekly Focus

Letter: Review

Number: Review

Shape: Review

Color: Rainbow

Bible Verse: This is the day the lord has made

Psalm 118:24

School Wide Theme:


Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. Colossians 2:6-7