Mr. Richter's Classes

5th Grade Math:

04/27- 5/1

Monday: Lesson review

Tuesday: Lesson 103 1-30 odd

Wednesday: Lesson 104 1-30 odd

Thursday: Lesson 105 1-30 odd/ math con. 12:15 practice test 20 A

Friday: lesson test 20B

7th grade math


Monday : Lesson 1 unit test

Tuesday : Lesson 2.1

Wednesday: Lesson 2.2

Thursday: study review 2.3

Friday: quiz are you ready

8th grade math


Monday : Lesson 2.6

Tuesday : Chapter 2.7

Wednesday: Lesson 2.8

Thursday: Lesson review

Friday: Lesson 2 unit test


Week of 4/27-5/1 Mr. Richter's outdoor extravaganza

**Make sure you are trying to get at least 60 minutes of activity a day.

Unit : Outside activities

Added more videos on 4/26 and 27th

Monday:Make a hop scotch, or adventure trail see video  

Tuesday: Run in place for 30 seconds, 30 second jumping jacks, 30 second of sit ups, 30 seconds of mountain climbers and as many push ups you can do.

Wednesday: Wacky video dance Wednesday, play a song that make you dance for at least 2 minutes.

Thursday: Make a video of you doing your favorite exercise. I will watch it and send you a video of me doing your exercise.

Friday: Fun in the sun Friday, go outside and have fun at least 60 minutes of activity a day.