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Welcome to Birding Pinellas, provided by the St. Petersburg Audubon Society. We're proud of our county, our county parks, our birds and our birders and invite you to join us in exploring one of the of the premier birding destinations in the southeastern United States. Birding Pinellas highlights some of our local treasures - parks and eBird hotspots where we find both resident species and migratory fly-ins.

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Birding Pinellas County - Parks & Hotspots

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The Parks Map provides a list of some of the most birded county/city parks in Pinellas County. Click on the park's name or map point to display links to the park's website, park location and directions, EBird lists and details, and a park review with seasonal highlights as well as insider tips for birding the location.

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Click on Pinellas Specialty Birds for a drop down menu of some of the most commonly sought after list-builders seen in Pinellas County. Map points will indicate some of the best locations for finding your target bird(s).

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Want to check out facilities before visiting? Pinellas County parks are amongst the most best-kept parks in the state. Almost all provide excellent facilities, including picnic grounds, restrooms and water fountains. Many parks offer wheelchair access. Visit the park website for details (hours, facilities, schedule of fees). Some of the birding locations we've listed aren't parks, but are eBird hotspots, with few/no facilities - we've made note of those in the pop-up.

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Park reviews on Birding Pinellas were written by Ron Smith, author of The Birds of Pinellas County and A Birder's Guide to Pinellas County. For a more in-depth look at Pinellas County hotspots, as well as a history of birding within the county, we suggest picking up a copy of The Birds of Pinellas County, available for purchase here. All proceeds from the book's sale benefit St. Petersburg Audubon Society.

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