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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the year group, from experience, I know that many parents see this as the start of ‘real school,’ with lots of work in exercise books and a set seat in the classroom. You may have noticed that this is not the case in our classroom!

Reception continues to follow the same framework as Nursery and the set-up of the classroom is likely to be very similar to that of the children's nursery settings.

We hope that our classroom is a fun and inviting environment where the children will want to learn and will be engaged and challenged by things that interest them. Giving the children ownership and allowing them to challenge themselves lead much of their own learning will inspire them as learners and give them confidence in their ability to learn.

In Year R, we try to get a balance between adult led and child-initiated learning, find a timetable of a typical week in the class below. You may notice that adult-led sessions tend to be at the beginning and end of the morning and afternoon, to allow children time to be fully immersed in their play and to not have their thought processes interrupted mid-flow. This allows for higher order thinking and gives the adults opportunities to teach by responding to and extending the children’s learning.

In Reception we try to foster in the children the Characteristics of Effective Learning (see below), which are the skills and attitudes which will allow the children to go through life with the resilience and skills to tackle challenges and will prepare them to adapt to a future which we cannot predict.

We have an ethos where children are leaders of learning, meaning that teaching and learning is very personalised and relevant to the children in the class. It is amazing how much different learning can be happening in a classroom at one time, so it tends to be more natural, spontaneous and motivating than if it was constrained by pre-existing plans. This means that it is difficult for us to tell you beforehand what your child could be learning on a set day, however, here is a list of questions that you might like to use to prompt conversation with your child at the end of the day to find out about their learning.

Information on the Reception year group at St Paul's:

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Reception Presentation.pdf

Reception Timetable (a typical week)

Reception Timetable Curriculum Autumn.pdf

Characteristics of Effective Learning