The Eco-School Green Flag

We are a green flag school and enjoy being part of Eco-Schools. We take part in many of the campaigns set up through the Pod along with other projects. On The Pod’s website there are some games that you can play to help you to learn about saving your environment:

Each year the children elect 2 Eco-school captains from each class. We meet during assembly time and discuss the things that we feel need to be changed. The Eco-school captains carry out an environmental review of the school. They also elect a chair and deputy to take on leadership tasks.

We are focused on 5 different areas:

  1. Litter – We have done litter picks around the school to help reduce the litter in our environment. The school also has a plogging club who jog around tidying up litter in our local area.

  2. Healthy Living – In class we discuss our mental health, learn about drinking water and eating a healthy diet. Children are encouraged to bring in fruit for their snacks and to have a healthy lunchbox. The chair of the Eco-schools committee wrote an assembly on pollution and how it affects children’s health.

  3. Global Citizenship – We have had many off curricular days where we have learnt about other cultures and most recently, refugees.

  4. Biodiversity – This has increased as we have new benches in the playground and planters which have been purchased with money from Tescos.

  5. Waste – Eco-school captains weighed food in the dining room to see how much waste we produced. They encouraged the children in their class to reduce this waste

Eco schools website.mp4

Recycling pens

Through Terracycle we are now going to recycle our whiteboard pens. The Eco-school captains made boxes for their classrooms and year groups. There were some fantastic boxes. Keep recycling!

Toy swap

Wear It Wild Day

On Wear it Wild Day, we had a wild day dressing up and having our faces painted. The Eco-School Captains did an assembly to help us learn about what is happening to the animals on our planet with change in climate and loss of habitat.