School Houses

Each child and member of staff is allocated into a house team which they stay in throughout their time at St Paul’s. Siblings will be put into the same team. Our house system is based around famous figures with links to Kingston. House teams usually meet on a termly basis, at a meeting led by the Year 6 house captains and the teacher captain. In the autumn, new Year 6 captains are chosen via an election.


Cesar Picton (1755-1836)

Cesar was born in Sengal, Africa. When he was six years old, he came to work a servant in a grand house in Kingston. The family became very fond of him and when his employers died, they left him some money. He used the legacy to set himself up in business and became one of Kingston’s most respected merchants. He also bought a house on the high Street – Picton House – which still stands.


Jacqueline Wilson (Born 1945)

Jacqueline Wilson is one of the nation’s favourite authors. She has written lots of chidlren’s books, including Girls in Love, The Story of Tracey Beaker and The Illustrated Mum. Her novels have won many awards and are the most borrowed from libraries. She was made a Dame in 2008 and lives in Kingston.


Edward Muybridge (1830-1904)

Edward Muybridge was born in Kingston and died in a house in Liverpool Road – you can see his plaque on the house wall. He travelled to the United States, where he became a renowned and respected photographer. He then went on to invent the zoopraxiscope, a device that projected motion pictures – movies. So one of the forefathers of film was a local man.


Thomas Wolsey (1471-1530)

Thomas Wolsey was an advisor to King Henry VIII. He became a Cardinal and the Lord Chancellor and was responsible for bringing about many changes in Tudor England. He also built Hampton Court Palace, where King Henry later lived. In Year 5, we learn about the Tudors and visit Hampton Court Palace.

House Points

House point are given out by all members of staff for pupils who show good work and behaviour. They are posted into a box in the entrance hall and counted at the end of each week. The winning house earn extra time on the grass and bark area on Fridays. A running total is also kept so that the winning team at the end of a half term have a mufti-day. These results are displayed prominently in the hall.


Each child and member of staff is given a house badge when they first join St Paul’s which clearly identifies them as belonging to their given team. Badges should be worn each day. The team with the most house points will be awarded time on the grass and bark area on Friday break times.