Congratulations to

Emily Gibbs (4P) who has been selected as one of the winners in the Kingston Magical Market design competition. Emily’s character Skylar - purveyor of peculiar pets - will be one of 12 creatures brought to life in 3D through the Augmented Reality trail in Kingston town centre.

Julia Henderson-Osho (1S) who's artwork has also been selected as one of 12 winners of the Kingston Magical Market Design Competition. She is so excited! Her design, Rona Rainbow, will be brought to life in 3D on an augmented reality trail in Kingston Town Centre. A team of animators are turning her design into a moving, dancing, wiggling 3D creation, which launched last week. People will be able to see the magic through a special app and discover where the creatures can be found across Kingston.

If you would like further information about Kingston Magical Market, please follow the link:

Autumn 1st half term RE Awards: Well done to the children named below for showing a reflective attitude within RE lessons and for being curious about the world around them. These are new awards which will be given out each half term as a way to keep the profile of RE at St Paul's high.

Casper Best (RPR), Issy Wright (1N), Dhairya Patel (2G), Mia Buchner (3F), Iwon Min (4P), Karim Habib (5G) and Wilf Fox-Robinson (6B)

Jonah Davies, Alicia Dickens, Karim Habib, Paulo Pinheiro-Carim (5G), Samir Alsamarai, Surya Dabydeen, Max Davies, Aiden Foxen, Sofia Haylock-Mallol, Ibraheem Idrees, Talia Ross and Lilly Stevens (6B) who completed a Bikeability training course.

Wilson House who were awarded the most house points for last half term.

They are being rewarded with a Mufti Day on Friday 6th November. All children who belong to Wilson House may wear their own choice of clothes on this day.

Zion Bolz, Rosie Coffils, Georgia Craddock, Zac Davies, Ron Figlin, Lotta Drewett, Alyssa Dyke, Wilf Fox-Robinson, Evie Hall, Matthis Lerck, Anan Mohammed and Isabela Troci who completed a Bikeability training course during the week before half term.

Year 6 Prefects: Sofia Haylock-Mallol and Reuben Rylett (6B) - Well done!


Ksenia and Nikolai Marine (6B / 4CF) who took part in the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge 2020 on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July. This event was held online on Ksenia played in U12 Megafinal 2 and Nikolai U10 Megafinal 2 and they both qualified for Gigafinals which will take place in August.

Zara Curtis (6B) who took part in a charity kids song that was written by a 12 year old to help raise some money for the NHS. All Star Choir helped put it together and there’ll be a live radio interview about the project.

Please see Zara’s video:

Fundraising page:

Nikolai Marine (4CF), who passed Grade 5 ABRSM music theory exam.

Eleonora Zago (3R) who has achieved her Piano grade 1 exam with a Distinction.

Isabella Agravaidor (6P) who has passed her Grade 3, Royal Academy of Dance in London, Ballet with a merit, which is the silver medal.

Christmas Hat Competition Winners: Toni Ulbrich (RR), LouisaDeveson (1N), Charlie Deveson (3F), Emily Gibbs (3F), Calum Kearns (6B) and Hannah Rylett (6B).

Josh Clarke who has completed his Level 3 Diploma in Childcare. Thank you to Mr Clarke for working so well with reception.

Year 5 & 6 Girls’ Football Team: Evie Hall (5G), Hind Abdaltam, Georgia Hodgson, Fia Moxon, Olive Read (6B), Bianca Mocanu and Minnie Taylor (6P) who played in the Kingston Borough Football Finals on 10th December and finished 8th in the borough. Well done to all seven girls who worked very hard. Goal scorers Olive Read (5) and Fia Moxon (1) and Player of the Match Minnie Taylor, who saved some great goals.

Indoor Tennis Team: Eva Fountain, Charlie Deveson (3F), Leo Pousti and Lasmipprathaa Subesan (4CF). Everyone played really well against some tough opposition. Each of us won at least one game. Six schools took part and we came 4th. It was really hard because the balls were sponge, but we persevered and all had a great time. (Report by Charlie Deveson 3F).

Hayden Liu (4CF) has won and been titled the 2019 Winner of the John Greenwood Cup (9-14 years old), in the Kingston-upon-Thames Festival of the Performing Arts 2019.

St Paul’s Bake Off Winners: Stanley Stanford (RR) and Ollie Parkes (3R).

Boys’ Football Team: Toren Friel, Idris Idris, Haydar Maatouk (2FH), Jasper Healey, Jacob Kumpha, Alex Lin and Freddie Stewart (2G) who competed in a Football Festival at Chessington School on Tuesday 26th November. The tournament was good fun and a first introduction to competitions. Results: St Paul’s 2 v Fern Hill 2, St Paul’s 2 v Alexandra 2, St Paul’s 1 v Ellingham 6, St Paul’s 0 v Kings oak 1, St. Paul’s 0 v Ellingham 2nds 1, St Paul’s 0 v Green Lane 0.

Year 5 & 6 High 5 Team: Lilly Stevens, Ibraheem Idrees, Freya Ford-Robertson, Anan Mohammed (5G), Hind Abdaltam, Hannah Rylett, Georgia Hodgson (6B), Sara Idrees, Minnie Taylor, Greta Pousti, Florence Hand, Elizabeth Ellis, Christian Talebzadeh, Charline Lepant and Isabella Agraviador (6P), who played St Agatha’s on Wednesday 27th November. A wonderful early evening of fun at St Agatha’s. The teams played with enthusiasm and enjoyment. The atmosphere of sportsmanship and respect for all was powerful. Grateful thanks to the wonderful parents who helped the team on the day, Overall, St Paul’s 12 goals & St. Agatha’s 11 goals: Year 5/6 team – St Agatha’s 2/St Paul’s 9. Year 6 team – St Agatha’s 9/ St Paul’s 3.

Year 6 Boys’ and Girls’ Football Teams: Archie Baker Jones, Edward Bransfield, Edith Chandler, Zara Curtis, Georgia Hodgson, Calum Kearns, Fia Moxon, Olive Read (6B), Charlie Crew, Bianca Mocanu, Jack Smith, Christian Talebzedeh, Minnie Taylor, Eason Zheng, Ernest Pidduck and Sara Idrees (6P) who played Fernhill on Thursday 28th November. The girls’ team lost 6-0. Player of the match was Olive who worked really hard for the team. The boys’ team lost 8-0. Player of the match was Charlie Crew who made some excellent 1 on 1 saves. Fern hill we’re very strong both in girls and boys and deserved the win.

Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Team: Zac Davies, Lilly Stevens, Ibraheem Idrees (5G), Georgia Hodgson, Sebastian Greening, Joseph Ellis (6B), Isabella Humpherson and Christian Talebzedeh (6P) who played in a tournament on Wednesday 6th November. Results as follow: St Paul’s 0 v Fern Hill 2 tries, St Paul’s 0 v Lovelace 0 tries (draw), St Paul’s 0 v Ellingham 3 tries, St Paul’s 1 v Alexandra 1 try, St Paul’s 1 v Westbury House 0 tries (win) and St Paul’s 1 v St Luke’s 2 tries. Try scorers were: Joseph Ellis 2 tries and Georgia Hodgson 1 try

Player of the tournament for St Paul’s was Christian Talebzadeh who was outstanding in every game making the most tackles and interceptions. As the results reflect as the tournament went on the team became better and better both in possession and out of possession.

Year 6 Boys’ Football Team: Kareem Ali, Archie Baker-Jones, Edward Bransfield, Arber Dauti (6P), Charlie Crew, Ernest Pidduck, Edon Selmani and Christian Talebzadeh who played in a tournament with other Kingston Borough Schools on Tuesday 22nd October. The team showed great spirit and enjoyed the event.

Year 5/6 Girls’ Football Team: Anan Mohammed, Surya Dabydeen, Evie Hall, Mahishahi Raveelackshman (5G), Edith Chandler, Zara Curtis, Fia Moxon, Olive Read (6B), Sara Idrees and Bianca Mocanu (6P) who took part in a knock-out football tournament on Thursday 17th October. The girls won 3-2 and now go through to the next round in December. The girls showed good team work and performance, with goals scored by Zara (1) and Olive (2).

Year 6 Girls’ Football Team: Hind Abdaltam, Zara Curtis, Georgia Hodgson, Fia Moxon, Olive Read (6B), Bianca Mocanu and Minnie Taylor (6P) who took part in the borough football tournament on Tuesday 15th October. The team won the tournament by 21 points.

Basketball Team: Max Davies, Zac Davies, Aiden Foxen, Wilf Fox-Robinson, Dima Novikov, Talia Ross (5G), Hannah Rylett, Lilyana Saberi, Reuben Wise (6B), Ernest Pidduck and Eason Zheng (6P) who represented our school in a tournament on Wednesday 23rd October. The team won the first game after a shoot-out. Next they played Christ Church, a very strong team, who beat us by 6 points. The final group stage was against Burlington, a thrilling game ending 6-4 to St Paul’s. Wilf and Hannah were the tournament’s MVP (Most Valuable Player award), helping us to finish joint 3rd. The team gave the best they could in performance and behaviour.

Year 6 Girls’ Football Team: Hind Abdaltam, Zara Curtis, Georgia Hodgson, Fia Moxon, Olive Read (6B), Bianca Mocanu and Minnie Taylor (6P) who took part in the borough football tournament on Tuesday 15th October. The girls won 3-2 and now go through to the next round in December. The girls showed good team work and performance, with goals scored by Zara (1) and Olive (2).

Cross Country Team: Marvin Bardhoshi, Max Davies, Aiden Foxen, Wilf Fox-Robinson, Sofia Haylock, Lilly Stevens (5G), Zara Curtis, Calum Kearns, Olive Read (6B), Ernest Pidduck and Minnie Taylor (6P) who dispite the weather and difficult running conditions did extremely well and enjoyed the experience.

Year 4 Hockey Team: Lola Curtis, Alicia Dickens, Massimo Farrell, Max Huwendiek, Nikolai Marine, Angus Moxon and Poppy Taylor (4CF) who played three matches on Friday 27th September at the Year 4 Hockey Tournament. They lost the first match to SASM, but then won the next two games – 5-0 against Surbiton High and 1-0 against Grand Avenue. Angus Moxon scored four goals and Alicia scored two. Everyone played well and enjoyed the morning.

Year 2 Football Team: Anika Ganguly, Evan Lawrence, Simon Scott-Brown, Keira Lipscombe (2FH), Paul Byeon, Noora Sannie and Freddie Stewart (2G), who played three matches at the Year 2 Football Festival last Tuesday. The children showed great team spirit and finished 3rd overall.

Prefects this term: Joseph Ellis, Zara Curtis (6B), Florence Hand and Ernie Pidduck (6P).