St. Paul's Lutheran School

St. Paul's Lutheran School Mission Statement

Partnering with parents in our congregation and community to shine Christ's light on children's lives.

Morning Prayer

Wednesday April 8.mp4


Mr. Marohn - Matthew 27:27-31

Soldiers mock 2.mp4

Jesus and the Soldiers

  1. If you were Jesus, which one of these recent incidents would hurt you the most?

  • Being betrayed by Judas

  • Peter’s three time denial

  • The physical abuse of the Roman soldiers

  • Being mocked by the Roman soldiers

  1. Which is more impressive to you: Jesus’ power over all things or Jesus’ amazing love?

  2. Does Jesus’ power ever frighten you and cause you to see him differently than love?

  3. Jesus died for your sins and will bring you to heaven. How can you remind yourself every day, every hour, every minute to see Jesus as the one who loves you?