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Welcome to our homework site. To find homework for your classes use the links on the left with teachers' names. There you should be able to find homework for each grade and possibly more. Please understand that things change during the week, and there may be changes that are not posted on this site right away.

Contact Information:

Mr. McQueen: mmcqueen@youngstowndiocese.org

Mrs. Lukach: llukach@youngstowndiocese.org

Mrs. Marinics: bmarinics@youngstowndiocese.org

Mrs. Murphy: nmurphy@youngstowndiocese.org

Mrs. Verbus: averbus@youngstowndiocese.org

Mrs. Derks: Kderks@youngstowndiocese.org-

Ms. Streb: astreb@youngstowndiocese.org-

Sra. Alvarez: malvarez@youngstowndiocese.org

If there are any problems with this site or you have any suggestion on how to improve it, please let Mr. McQueen know. We will try to fix problems as fast as possible.