Mrs. Staci Pinkley

St. Paul Lutheran School

Home of the Giants


Use this website as your guide to find information about what is happening in the classroom.

We can use this as a form of communication

Google Classroom

All the assignments will be loaded onto Google Classroom; your student can show this to you at anytime. I can also send you an email to include you in weekly updates. My email is

Class Culture

In addition to the school rules, expectations of all participants to maintain a positive classroom environment are as follows.

Be on time and prepared for class

Have necessary matierals and supplies out and ready to go. Check classroom or white board for information and schedule of the day

Be respectful

Be creative

Think outside of the box! Come up with your own interesting and unique ideas for assignments, projects, or homework. How can you make learning more relevant for you, personally? During discussions, interject challenging questions in order to stimulate deeper thinking for all of us.


  • Typically, homework will only be necessary if a student was not able to complete a task during class time.
  • Long-term projects and essays will be assigned periodically throughout the year and may be worked on at home.
  • Students are expected to use Google Classroom as a way to turn in, edit and receive feedback on their work
  • Time will always be provided for students to ask questions before being expected to complete anything at home.


Student grades will be based on attendance, participation, and behavior in addition to work completion, critical thinking, problem solving and growth


You will need to make up class and home work. Below are the steps you should follow...

  1. Check Classroom
  2. Confirm with a class member what you missed and are responsible for.
  3. Ask Mrs. Pinkley if you have any questions that still have not been answered.

Pass the Quote

I love quotes. I love how they can inspire, encourage and change a person's mindset in a few simple but powerful words.

This year we will be starting a quote campaign.

Every Monday students will bring in a quote that they like. This quote is one they feel it should be our class motto for the week. I will look over the quotes and share them with the class. They can be their own quotes, bible verses or more popular owns they have researched from the internet. During my plan period, I will select the quote and write it on the paper roll. The students use that quote as their motto for the week. On Friday, we will then review our success following the quote and select one student to actually Pass the quote to. The student selected has to be someone who was really demonstrating that quote. The paper is ripped off, given to that student, and then a new quote is added the following week.

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