I'm privileged to work with you and your son/daughter this school year. As evident above, you will see a lot of promotion in and around school of this year's theme: JOY: FULLY Lutheran. What does it mean to be Lutheran? There are many things that could be filled in to answer that question, but as it relates to you and your child this school year, it literally means that in everything we do and say, it is my hope and prayer we all live in the JOY of a resurrected Savior, who loves each us deeply, forgives us daily, and cares about every part of our lives. Whether it be homework, sports, personal challenges at school, home, or work, let God take control of all those areas. Talk to HIM daily in prayer and you truly will live JOY:Fully!

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FASHION SHOW- St. Paul (gymnasium) 1 PM - 4 PM