Reduce Tuition by Using Scrip

Save money and raise money for St. Patrick School without spending anything additional. Gift cards from over 750 national and local retailers are purchased at face value.

Retailers donate a percentage of every gift card purchased directly back to our school, plus 75% of the money raised by your family can be put towards your child’s tuition payment at either St. Patrick Preschool, St. Patrick School (K – 8), or Lehman High School; or, 100% earned by your family can be disbursed to St. Patrick Home & School Association or Faith Formation. Be sure to contact the school office at (937) 339-3705 to set up how you want your funds disbursed.

The average tuition savings for most families is $600 - $1,000 per year if Scrip is used regularly on gas, groceries, restaurants, shopping, and traveling.

Did you know you can use Kohl’s Scrip cards to pay your Kohl’s credit card bill at the store? Use gift cards for Christmas shopping and stocking stuffers. Relatives and family businesses can make purchases through Scrip too.

When you register, enter the school enrollment code 7136LCL28L83 in order for St. Patrick School to track your purchases. When you place your order online, you may either send your check (made payable to St. Patrick H&S Scrip) into school, or you may pay with PrestoPay, and funds are immediately withdrawn from your checking account.

See instructions on the website for signing up for PrestoPay (after you have registered) by clicking on Dashboard > Family Functions > PrestoPay. If you purchased an electronic gift card (i.e. ScripNow and reloadable gift cards), PrestoPay is more convenient than paying by check because you will immediately receive your gift card (either print it from your computer or it loads to your Apple or Android device). If you pay by check, there is a delay because you must wait for the school secretary to “release” your online order. PrestoPay charges a minimal fee of $0.15 (fifteen cents) per online order (not per gift card). Therefore, whether you order just one gift card or ten gift cards, you will be charged the same fee of $0.15.

MyScripWallet is a mobile website that allows you to purchase, manage the balances, and redeem your eCards and Reloads from your Apple or Android device. Check it out today by logging in with your ShopWithScrip account.