School Information

How to Enrol

Follow this link to find out more information on how to enroll your child at St Patrick's Catholic School - How To Enrol

For more information about our school, click here - Parent Information Booklet

Shamrock Starters

St Patrick's has a pre-school programme called Shamrock Starters which your child can attend from the age of 4.5 years. Once they are on our roll to start at 5 years of age. Read more about this programme here - Shamrock Starters

Attendance Dues

Attendance dues are a charge for attendance of pupils at an integrated school and are one of the main sources of income that allows the Hamilton Diocese to maintain or upgrade existing buildings plus meet the costs of servicing loans that have been incurred for this purpose.

Attendance Dues are $444 per year per student (including gst) and are payable directly to the Catholic Integrated Schools Office and not to the Parish or school. Payments can be made by automatic payments. The necessary forms for this can be obtained through the school office or by phoning the CISO on (07) 856 6989. While all parents and caregivers are encouraged to pay the full amount of dues, financial assistance can be granted for any of the following: family reasons, hardship, loss of income, redundancy, extended unemployment or death of the breadwinner. Contact CISO, or discuss the problem with your Parish Priest or Principal, who can recommend your case to CISO.

Attendance Dues is not tax deductable.


The Catholic Character Levy provides the Pastoral Resource Office with ongoing financial support to continue to provide the teaching of the religious education programme and to ensure the Catholic Character continues to flourish in our schools.

The donation you are asked to give is $50 per year per child, but not more than $150 per family if there are more than 3 children in the family. The Diocese will gratefully receive greater or smaller amounts.

This is a voluntary contribution.

Break Times

8.55am - School Starts

11am - Morning Recess / 11.25am - End of Recess

1pm - Lunch break / 1.50pm - End of lunch break

2.55pm - School finishes