St. Patrick's College Library

Our device free lunchtimes are going well. Each Friday the library is device free and everyone plays the games that the library provides. Just recently we have had a new selection of games bought which include Risk, the Game of Life, more chess games, draughts and more cards. The library has a different vibe about it when we disconnect to reconnect.

Why are libraries important especially school libraries, watch this video to see why.

Kiwi author Anna Smaill wins the World Fantasy Award with 'The Chimes'

Request this book if you wish to read it.

Halloween 31st October

Good time to read Horror books. See our selection:

13 days of Midnight by Leo Hunt

Zero Hour by Will Hill

Timecurse by Tom Becker

The Midnight Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

The Infects by Sean Beaudoin

The Library contributes to student learning and achievement by supporting students' research needs, teaching information and digital literacies, and promoting reading for enjoyment.

We support and encourage all St. Patrick students to become:

  • skilled seekers and critical users of information
  • good digital citizens
  • lifelong readers
  • lifelong learners

We do this by

  • curating and providing access to a great selection of relevant and high interest print and online resources
  • teaching information literacy and digital literacy skills, in context with Inquiry topics
  • providing a range of services and facilities, appropriate for 21st Century learners

The Library is open 8.00am to 4.30 pm each day, the only time we shut is at morning break.

Library Orientation Tellagami

My name is Mrs Clarke and I am here to help you, just ask.