St. Patrick's School

St Patrick is a Catholic School in the Diocese of La Crosse.

As a Catholic School we will teach and advocate our Catholic Faith.

All students are welcome in our school, and all parents and legal guardians must understand that Catholic Doctrine will be taught.

The passing on of our Catholic Faith is our number one priority.


St. Patrick’s School is a Catholic community committed to the ongoing

promotion of spiritual, academic, and personal excellence.


St Patrick’s will provide a quality Catholic education and carry out this vision by . . .

· Providing opportunities for prayer, liturgical services, and service projects that integrate the teaching values of Jesus and in all aspects of life.

· Maintaining an open partnership with parents through written and personal communication and by welcoming families and the parish community in the school environment.

· Employing a qualified staff that models and teaches a solid Catholic curriculum.

· Helping students reach their individual academic potential and by developing a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves and others.

St Patrick's School

St Patrick's School was founded in 1879 by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. The “old school” was built in 1932 and was demolished in 2010. St Patrick’s Education and Activity Center (SPEAC) was built in two phases with the first being completed in 2007 and the second phase in 2009.

This new facility includes nine regular classrooms, multi-purpose room, music room, library, computer lab, and gymnasium.

Today, St Patrick's School maintains an enrollment around 125 students. The average class size is 13 students. We have 9 classroom teachers (4K-8) plus Computer, Music, Spanish/Interventionalist, and English teacher.


St Patrick’s School provides academics in the following areas: Religion, Reading, Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Art, computers, Physical Education

St Patrick’s School receives services from the Sparta Public Schools in the following areas: Title I Reading, Speech, and initial Assessments.

Additional Programs

Students also participate in: Spelling Bee, Diocesan Brains Team, Big Pal-Little Pal program, Archery team and a variety of charity events. Students in grades 7-8 are invited to participate in sports programs at the public school.

School Information and Facts

  • Founded in 1878 with assistance from the Sisters of Notre Dame

  • Phase I of the new school was built in 2007 and Phase II 2009

  • Currently has 135 students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade with around 80 families

  • 9 classroom teachers

  • Specialists - Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Computer Teacher

  • 6 support staff

  • Active parent and education groups

  • Active volunteer program

  • Comprehensive Catholic Education and 4K-8 curriculum

  • Family involvement in many areas

  • Experienced teaching staff - average class size is 15 students.

  • All teaching staff state licensed and certified including religious certification with the Diocese of La Crosse

  • Accredited by Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA)

  • Daily Religion classes, weekly participation in Mass, opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and opportunities for community service and continued spiritual growth.

  • After school care program from 3-5:30 PM each school day.

  • Participation in Federal hot lunch program

  • Sycamore Education website provides constant communication to families

  • A standardized dress code

Catholic Schools make a difference!